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MgSO4·11H2O and MgCrO4·11H2O based on time-of-flight neutron single-crystal Laue data

Acta Cryst. (2013). C69, 324–329 (http://doi.org/mt8)

[Polyhedra] Meridianiite consists of Mg(H2O)6 octahedra and SO4 tetrahedra 'immersed' in a hydrogen-bonded framework of water molecules. Exchanging these units for others of differing dimensions imposes an internal strain, the propagation of which through the structure we report in this paper.

Studies of ionic substitution in inorganic frameworks have been done in the past with materials in which the coordination polyhedra are linked either by corners or edges. There have been few studies of 'matrix isolated' polyhedra, such as those that occur in meridianiite (MgSO4∙11H2O); we have sought analogues containing other ionic substituents in order to better understand factors affecting the framework's properties. We present single-crystal neutron Laue data from the first of these new analogues, MgCrO4∙11H2O, which serves to advance our knowledge of these structures.

A. D. Fortes, I. G. Wood and M. J. Gutmann