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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, m275-m276 (http://doi.org/mvb)

[Copper complex]

There is much interest in the design and synthesis of this kind of compound; in particular, the establishment of a rational synthetic method for mixed-valence metal clusters is important in developing the chemistry of functional materials, because these complexes have potential applications as new opto-electronic materials based on carrier-transport properties, valence fluctuations and intervalence charge-transfer transitions. In this paper, a new mixed-valence nonanuclear Cu(I)/Cu(II) cluster, [CuI8CuIIBr5(Hm-dtc)5] (Hm-dtc- = azepane-1-carbodithioic acid) with a dithiocarbamate derivative, has been synthesized and structurally characterized.

T. Okubo, H. Anma, M. Maekawa and T. Kuroda-Sowa