IYCr Legacy

IYCr Legacy Fund

The IYCr Legacy Fund has been established to enable the continuation of many initiatives successfully launched during IYCr2014 (http://www.iycr2014.org/legacy). The aim of the fund is to support the following:

  • to continue promotion of the fundamental role crystallography plays in the different branches of science, including chemistry, mineralogy, physics, biology, medicine, materials science, cultural heritage and geosciences;
  • to target governments by interacting with them and advising on the design of policies that will support the establishment and operation of crystallography teaching, ranging from modernising existing crystallography teaching material in schools and universities to developing closer collaborative ties with crystallography centres across the world as well as synchrotron and other large-scale facilities;
  • to continue to increase awareness of the way crystallography underpins most of the technological developments in modern society, and also its role in art and cultural heritage, via public conferences, sponsorship of poster exhibitions highlighting the usefulness and marvels of crystallography and by the commissioning and submission of articles to the press, television and other media on the contribution crystallography makes to the global economy.

'Of course, a lasting legacy from the International Year of Crystallography is not just related to outreach activities taking place during the year. It is also about creating lasting initiatives in our schools, colleges, universities and other places of learning to continue the message about the importance of crystallography. We want to see a nation of youngsters being inquisitive about crystallography and governments enabling schools and colleges with opportunities to teach crystallography alongside the core science disciplines currently featured. This can't happen overnight; however, with the launch of the IYCr Legacy Fund we stand a real chance to accomplish these goals, by continuing many of the initiatives launched during the Year'. Peter Strickland, Executive Managing Editor, IUCr.

Donate to the IYCr Legacy Fund at www.iycr2014.org/legacy/legacy-fund.