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Since the launch of Crystallography Journals Online in 1999, the IUCr has had a policy of providing free access to the full texts of certain types of articles (for example, CIF Applications, Prefaces, Editorials, Letters to the Editor, Book and Software Reviews, Crystallographers, Notes and News, Addenda and Errata, and New Commercial Products); this policy will continue. In addition, a number of services including tables of contents, e-mail alerting, and the provision of supplementary material (e.g. CIFs, structure factors and other structural data) are free of charge to both subscribers and nonsubscribers.

It is also worth mentioning in this article that the IUCr has an active policy (http://journals.iucr.org/services/archivingpolicy.html) concerning the long-term preservation and access to publications in its journals. The charge made to authors for open-access (OA) publication includes a contribution to the cost of the long-term preservation and access of the publication.

OA is a rapidly evolving landscape and there exist a number of benefits to publishing your work OA including possibly higher visibility of publications, the possibility of higher citation rates and improved access to literature for scientists in the developing world.

The IUCr publishes two journals that are fully (gold) OA, i.e. all articles are made available free of charge to the reader. An OA fee is charged to authors of articles published in these journals to cover the costs of peer review, journal production, and online hosting and archiving. These journals are IUCrJ and Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications. All the remaining journals - Acta Crystallographica Sections A, B, C, D and F, Journal of Applied Crystallography and Journal of Synchrotron Radiation - are hybrid OA journals, which means they are traditional subscription journals in which some of the articles are OA.

Authors publishing an OA article in one of our gold OA or hybrid OA journals will be asked to pay an OA fee - also called an article processing charge or APC - upon acceptance of their article for publication. Note that authors will be asked to confirm that they can pay the OA fee, or that they have a payment waiver, at the submission stage. Discounts and waivers are available in particular circumstances; you can find out more by visiting http://journals.iucr.org/services/oa/openaccess_full.html. Payment is simple; authors may pay by credit card, cheque or voucher. Please note that purchase order and invoicing arrangements are also available on request. For more details of how to pay, go to the web pages of the individual journals.

Authors of OA articles will not be asked to transfer copyright to the IUCr, but will instead be asked to agree during article submission to an OA licence. This licence is a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) Licence, which provides for the re-use of the article in whole or part provided there is attribution for the article.

By following this link http://scripts.iucr.org/cgi-bin/citedin?search_on=openaccess you can see a complete list of OA articles in Crystallography Journals Online.

Jonathan Agbenyega, IUCr Business Development Manager (ja@iucr.org)