Meeting report

23rd Slovenian Croatian Crystallographic Meeting

Logar Valley, Slovenia, June 2014

[Lecturers] Plenary Lecturers (from l to r): T. Balić-Žunić, M. Đaković, G. Gunčar, I. Radosavljević Evans and J. S. O. Evans.

The 23rd Slovenian-Croatian/Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting held in June 2014 in the beautiful Logar Valley was dedicated to the celebration of the International Year of Crystallography. There were 58 participants from Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain and Slovenia. Five plenary lectures were presented : 'Structural chemistry of functional materials: mobility in the solid state' (I. Radosavljević Evans, Durham U., UK); 'Functional inorganic materials: synthesis, structure, properties and methods development' (J. S. O. Evans, Durham U., UK); 'From molecular structure to crystalline solids: non-covalent interactions as a structure directing force in supramolecular assemblies' (M. Đaković, U. of Zagreb, Croatia); 'Crystallography in mineralogy in the 21st century' (T. Balić-Žunić, U. of Copenhagen, Denmark); and 'A structural view of nanobodies' (G. Gunčar, U. of Ljubljana, Slovenia).

One of Slovenian-Croatian meetings' advantages is that all participants give an oral presentation, providing young scientists the opportunity to present their work in a friendly but professional atmosphere. Thirty-three short oral contributions addressed contemporary topics in crystallography comprising data acquisition and interpretation in areas such as macromolecules, organic, organometallic and inorganic compounds, crystal architecture, metallurgy, solid solutions, phase transitions, small-angle scattering, nanocrystallography, structure and properties, synergy of diffraction, microscopy and other methods, history and nomenclature.

The meeting was organized jointly by the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, U. of Ljubljana, and the Croatian Crystallographic Association under the auspices of U. of Ljubljana, and promoted by the Slovenian Chemical Society. There was no registration fee. Therefore we thank the sponsors, donors and advertisers: Agilent Technologies, Ansar-analitika and Bruker, Chemass, Incoatec, Lek-Sandoz, Mikro+polo, Renacon and PANalytical, and Scan.

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Anton Meden and Stanko Popovic