Volume 6, Number 4 (1998)

On the cover

Ligands that combine binding components known to undergo specific and distinct self-assembly processes in presence of metal-ions have been used to generate large supramolecular architectures. The cover image represents one of these examples, in which four molecules of ligand and twelve Cu(I) ions quantitatively and spontaneously self-assemble to yield a ring of nanoscale dimensions (3nm diameter) that encapsulates in its central cavity four counterions (PF6-). The formation of these self-assembled supramolecules can be seen as the reading at a molecular level by the Cu(I) ions of the information that is included in the structure of the ligand. D. Funeriu

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O. Anderson, S. Borisov, I.D. Brown, E. Ciszak, N. Dawson, H. Flack, C. Giacovazzo, A. Harrison, S.V. Jablan, M.M. Julian, D. Kleppner, V. Leban, A. Marshall, B. McMahon, A. McPherson, M. Moore, M. Murphy, A.F. Palistrant, A. Ponde, D. Sayre, R. Stone, N. Williams, E.O. Wilson.

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