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Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations of Crystallography

[Acta Cryst,. A]Section A of Acta Crystallographica is the reference journal for the 'foundations of crystallography', taken in the broadest sense. It covers all experimental and theoretical studies of the properties of the arrangements of atoms, ions and molecules in condensed matter, ideal or real, and of their symmetry. The journal also deals with the theoretical and experimental aspects of the various methods used to determine these arrangements, in particular diffraction physics. Its impact factor is very high (2.146 in 1998 – the latest year for which information is available) and it ranked 3rd out of 18 crystallography journals in 1998.

Section A acquired a new visage in January 2000. It has adopted a contemporary format in line with the other sections. More importantly, like all the other IUCr journals, it is being produced electronically and this will bring about quite a revolution, not least in speeding up the manuscript handling process. Speed of publication is of paramount importance and the object of continuous effort, both by Co-editors and by the editorial staff in Chester, with recent marked results.

Our Editorial Board is regularly updated to keep pace with new or growing areas and topics. Electron crystallography, linear chain assemblies and crystallographic phase determination are the areas of interest of newcomer D.L. Dorset (Hauptman-Woodward MRI, Buffalo) while E.F. Weckert (U. of Karlsruhe) brings expertise in dynamical diffraction, the phase problem and structure determination. Another new face is Y. Amemiya (U. of Tokyo), who already serves on the Board of the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation. Prof. Amemiya specializes in X-ray physics, X-ray instrumentation and diffraction physics, and completes a team designed to uphold standards in the foundations of crystallography.

Andre Authier, Editor