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[JComm 1999 meeting]

IUCr journal Editors and Co-editors (identified below with titles, initials and surnames) and Chester editorial staff (identified by first names and surnames) at the JComm meeting in Manchester in August 1999. Back row: Dr H.M. Einspahr, Dr W.C. Stallings, Dr M.R. Taylor, Michael Hoyland, Sean Conway, Brian McMahon, Prof. G. Kostorz. Fourth row: Nicola Ashcroft, Gillian Holmes, Dr F.R. Fronczek, Prof. D. Schwarzenbach, Dr A. Oskarsson, Prof. Y. Ohashi, Prof. D. Pandy, Prof. I.D. Brown, Dr C.J. Howard, Amanda Berry. Third row: Andrea Sharpe (Promotions Officer), Louise Clark-Jones, Katie Moore, Sue King, Prof. C.E.P. Lecomte, Prof. M. Vijayan, Prof. A. Kalman, Dr A.M. Moore, Dr M.J. Adams, Prof. G.R. Desiraju, Prof. G.B. Jameson, Dr M.M. Harding, Jill Bradshaw. Second row: Prof. J. Vicat, Dr A.L. Spek, Prof. G. Ferguson, Dr A. Linden, Dr A.J. Blake, Prof. W. Clegg, Peter Strickland, Prof. C.P. Brock. Front row: Prof. A.M. Glazer, Dr J.P. Glusker, Prof. S.R. Hall, Prof. J.R. Helliwell, Dr F.H. Allen, Prof. A. Authier.