Awards and Prizes

MSA awards

[MSA logo]Ikuo Kushiro was awarded the Roebling Medal, the highest honor given by MSA, for exemplary studies in experimental petrology.

R. A. Howie received the Distinguished Public Service Award for years of tireless abstracting. As principal Editor of Mineralogical Abstracts, he continues to write some 1600 abstracts each year and also edits and proof-reads all 4500/5000 abstracts published annually.

Yingwei Fei received the Mineralogical Society of American Award for outstanding research early in a career. He is developing multianvil apparatus and diamond-anvil cell high-pressure techniques.

MSA cited George D. Guthrie and Donnal L. Whitney as the 1998-1999 MSA distinguished lecturers. The MSA sponsored lecturers travel from September through April giving talks at colleges and universities in the US and Canada about new directions of mineralogy. George Guthrie (Los Alamos National Lab) offered lectures on 'Mineralogy in the lung, Geochemical mechanisms of mineral induced disease; London Bridges falling down?' Donna Whitney (U. of Minnesota-Minneapolis) offered 'Petrology and global warming: How igneous and metamorphic processes change world climate'.

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