Meeting report

Society of Japan Annual Meeting

The 1999 annual meeting of the Crystallographic Society of Japan was held in Kyoto, Japan in November. Three major sessions were concerned with instrumentation and data collection, materials research, and macromolecular structures. The eight talks on the methods session included recent advances in imaging plate detectors, vacuum camera imaging, density modification methods and Rietveld analysis. New studies of magnetic fluids (K. Ueda), alloys (M. Uchida), zeolites (K. Nakmura), GaN films (T. Koyama), special LiMn2O4 (T. Kanbe), buried oxide layers of low-dose SIMOX wafers (T. Shimura), and domain structure of a-Al2O3 (Y. Nakakita) were described in the materials session. Recent macromolecular structures discussed included a Cu/TPQ containing amino oxidase (M. Kim), human hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase (N. Okazaki), aspartate aminotransferase from R. meliloti (T. Nakai), L-histidinol phosphate aminotransferase from E. coli (K. Haruyama), pectate lyase from B. subtilisin (M. Akita), L-methionine from P. putida (H. Motoshima), 64M-5 antibody fab complexed with (6-4) photoproducts (N. Hayashida), and DNA duplex containg N4-methoxycytosine adenine base pair (T. Hikima). Sixty-six posters covering all areas of crystallography were also presented. The chairman of the organizing committee was K. Miki and program committee members were Y. Higuchi (Chair), S. Sasaki, Y. Noda, and M. Yasui. A list of the titles and authors of all presentations can be found at

Y. Noda