IUCr activities

Worth shouting about!

[IUCr exhibition booth] Andrea Sharpe and Henk Schenk at the IUCr Exhibit booth in Glasgow.
The IUCr has plenty to shout about. But small scientific society publishers are traditionally shy about advertising their wares. They are more likely to rely on their long-standing reputation within the community they serve, and to plough all surplus income into journal development and good works such as student training and travel  support. But at the XVIIth IUCr Congress in Seattle in 1996, it
was decided that the IUCr should no longer hide its light under a bushel, and a Promotion Committee was born.

The journals have a central role in advancing, promoting and sustaining quality in crystallography, and the Promotion Committee (Chair Mike Glazer) has overseen the start of a campaign to market the IUCr journals to structural science communities in biology, chemistry, materials science and physics as well as crystallography. Increased exposure at meetings will include the sponsorship of poster prizes and distribution of literature. Making ordering easy is one of the basic premises of marketing, and online order forms, bound subscription cards and advertisements are designed to increase sales. If you wish to receive a copy of the “IUCr journals 2000” leaflet, please send requests to as@iucr.org.

We hope the IUCr journal article reviews that appear in the IUCr Newsletter and our e-mail announcements will tempt you to visit the IUCr’s online journals at http://journals.iucr.org. Please take a moment right now to experience this exciting and innovative electronic service, a powerful research tool worth shouting about!

Andrea Sharpe
IUCr Promotions Officer