News of crystallographers

Distinguished lecturers

The Mineralogical Soc. of America Distinguished Lecturer Program 2000-2001 Tours will feature speakers: I. Parsons, J. Holloway and R. Jones. For more information visit www/

To celebrate the U. of Manchester’s 150th anniversary, J.R. Helliwell presented the keynote lecture 'X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis and Manchester: from W.L. Bragg to the Present Day' on Feb 5, 2001. BCA Newsletter, December 2000, No. 75

Distinguished Fellows

The list of current Biophysical Society Fellows includes C. Cohen, D. Eisenberg, M.G. Rossmann, R.M. Stroud, H.M. Berman, D.L.D. Caspar, F.M. Richards.
New Fellows of the American Assn for the Advancement of Science include: S.R. Sprang, C. Stauffacher, and G. Wagner. AAAS News, October, 2000


D. Voet, U. of Pennsylvania, and J.G. Voet, Swarthmore College, the new co-editors-in-chiefs of the IUBMB Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education.

ACA Officers

President: W. Stallings, Vice-President: C. Carter, Jr., Secretary: L. Brammer, Treasurer: D. Ohlendorf, Biological Macromolecules: C. Abad-Zapatero, Fiber Diffraction: D. Kirschner, General Interest: G. Borgstahl, Neutron Scattering: S. Billinge, Service Crystallography: P. Boyle, Small-Angle Scattering: P. Butler, Small Molecules: J. Bollinger, Young Scientists: N. Silvaggi.

ICDD Board of Directors

Chairman: C.R. Hubbard, Vice-Chairman: B.H. O’Connor, Treasurer: J. Messick, Executive Director: R. Jenkins, Chairman, Technical Committee: J.A. Kaduk, Directors-at-Large: J.N. Dann, R.P. Goehner, J.E. Post, C.T. Prewitt, D.F. Rendle, Past Chairman: R.L. Snyder.