CIFTEST2 is a suite of test files conforming (or not) to STAR/CIF syntax. It extends the CIF 1.0 syntax test suite.



CIFTEST2 was developed by Herbert Bernstein and co-workers with the help of an IUCr grant to provide benchmark validation tests against the syntax rules of the CIF 1.1 specification adopted in 2003. Bug fixes and requests for enhancement should be directed to

Language and platform

The test files are simple ASCII files.


  • Installation: Copy the gzipped tar file CIFTEST.tar.gz into an empty directory; ungzip and extract files using the Unix tar utility. Then see the following material to use the files.

Other versions

Terms and conditions of use

Copyright in the software © Georgi Todorov
Authors: Georgi Todorov and Herbert J. Bernstein

This version of CIFTEST2 is distributed under the GNU General Public License.