Technical note

Draft Proceedings were distributed to attendees of the School and final papers appear in the published Proceedings.

For the first time at a Computing School full Proceedings are available electronically via the World Wide Web ( or via anonymous ftp from in the directory /pub/sdsc/societies/IUCr/School96.

Original papers were accepted in Word, WordPerfect or TeX formats. Unless otherwise stated the PostScript versions are taken from those final camera ready copy papers. Postscript files exist in 3 forms:

  • plain ASCII (.ps)
  • compressed using the UNIX compress command (.ps.Z)
  • compressed using the gzip utility (.ps.gz)
Some authors provided HTML versions of their papers, others we tried to convert using a word processor to HTML filter. If this was successful the HTML version appears, otherwise just the Postscript versions are provided.

Phil Bourne April 02, 1997