Crystallographic Teaching Commission Newsletter No 2. November 2007

(2nd issue with the theme of 'History of the ORTEP of the Year (OOTY) Award' and other articles.)

(This Issue's Editor - Lachlan Cranswick)

Downloading the Newsletter

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Articles/features in this Issue

  • IUCr Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

  • From the Crystallographic Chair

    • The History of the ORTEP of the Year ("OOTY") Award. - Richard L. Harlow

    • Reprint of "Troublesome Crystal Structures: Prevention, Detection, and Resolution" [J. Res. Natl. Inst. Stand. Technol. 101, 327-339 (1996)] - Richard L. Harlow

    • Crystallographic Data Validation - Ten Years On. - Anthony Linden

    • An Online Course in X-ray Crystallography - Patrick J. Carroll

    • X-ray Safety for Analytical Instrumentation: It's what you cannot see or feel that will hurt you! - Joseph H. Reibenspies

    • Validation of a Complex Inorganic Crystal Structure using Bond Valence Restraints - Ivana Radosavljevic Evans

    • Teaching of Molecular Symmetry to Pakistani Students - Zia Khan

    • Teaching of Crystallography to Chemistry and Physics students in Pakistan - Zia Khan

    • Maximum Entropy Method - A Tool for Complete Structural Characterization of Crystalline Compounds - Roxana Flacau

  • Calls for contributions to Newsletter No. 3