Commission on Journals

Current and past members

K. A. Abboud USA 2001-2007
S. C. Abrahams USA 1978-1987 (Chair)
M. J. Adams UK 1992-2004
E. T. Adman USA 1992-2001
F. R. Ahmed Canada 1975-1984
M. Akkurt Turkey 2005-2010
J. Albertsson Sweden 1988-1997
D. Albov Russia 2010 to date
N. W. Alcock UK 1984-1993
G. Allegra Italy 1975-1981
A. J. Allen USA 2002 to date
F. H. Allen UK 1987-1990 (ex officio), 1993-2002
Y. Amemiya Japan 1993-2008
M. Ando Japan 1993-2002
T. Ashida Japan 1987-1995
L. A. Aslanov Russia 1996-2008
R. W. Asmussen Denmark 1960-1963     
A. Authier France 1993 to date     
R. F. Baggio Argentina 2004 to date
E. N. Baker New Zealand 1999 to date
R. Banerjee India 2010 to date
J. Barbier Canada 2002-2009
L. J. Barbour South Africa 2005-2007, 2008-2010
H. Barnighausene Germany 1975-1978
M. G. Bartlam People's Republic of China 2008 to date
L. J. Beamer USA 2009 to date
T. Bergfors Sweden 2006 to date
L. E. Berman USA 2002 to date
S. Bernès Mexico 2005 to date
D. H. Bilderback USA 1993-2002
D. G. Billing South Africa 2008 to date
S. Billinge USA 2010 to date
K. Biradha India 2010 to date
O. Blacque Switzerland 2009 to date
A. J. Blake UK 1994 to date
E. V. Boldyreva Russia 2008 to date
N. B. Bolotina Russia 2007 to date
M. Bolte Germany 2001 to date
A. Bond Denmark 2005 to date
C. S. Bond Australia 2011 to date
A. Borbely France 2011 to date
P. D. Boyle USA 2000-2001
P. Bordet France 2010 to date
W. L. Bragg UK 1948-1966     
L. Brammer USA 1995-2008
I. Brito Chile 2005 to date
C. P. Brock USA 1993 to date
G. E. Brown USA 1995-2002
I. D. Brown Canada 1990 to date
R. F. Bryan USA 1992-2002
A. M. Brzozowski UK 2003 to date
C. E. Bugg USA 1984-1987, 1987-1996 (Chair)
H. Burzlaff Germany 1984-1991
R. J. Butcher USA 2004 to date
O. Buyukgungor Turkey 2006 to date
C. W. Carter USA 2003 to date
E. E. Castellano Brazil 1996-2002
G. C. Chapuis Switzerland 2000 to date
D. Chateigner France 2002 to date
N. Chayen UK 2000 to date
C. T. Chen Taiwan 1999-2006
V. V. Chernyshev Russia 2000 to date
E. Y. Cheung USA 2010 to date
A. Chiesi-Villa Italy 2001-2004
K. Chinnakali India 2000 to date
S. Ciccariello Italy 2005 to date
W. Clegg UK 1994-2008
P. W. Codding Canada 1990-1993
J. B. Cohen USA 1975-1980
M. Colapietro Italy 1993-1999
R. Colella USA 1980-1990
P. Coppens USA 2002 to date
J. M. Cowley USA 1971-1980
A. F. Craievich Brazil 2009 to date
B. M. Craven USA 1988-1999
M. Czugler Hungary 2005 to date
L. M. Daniels USA 1997-2005
J. -C. Daran France 2001 to date
P. Dastidar India 2009 to date
Z. Dauter USA 2002 to date
W. I. F. David UK 2005 to date
Z. Derewenda USA 2011 to date
G. R. Desiraju India 1994-2009
V. E. Dmitrienko Russia 2005 to date
E. Dodson UK 2002 to date
D. L. Dorset USA 1999 to date
J. Drenth Netherlands 1984-1989
A. Durif France 1986-1997
M. T. L.  Duarte Portugal 2010 to date
M. Dusek Czech Republic 2010 to date
S. E. Ealick USA 2002 to date
H. M. Einspahr USA 1997 to date
P. Elleaume France 1993-2002
M. R. J. Elsegood UK 2004 to date
U. Englert Germany 2008 to date
J.-G. Eon Brazil 2008 to date
L. Eriksson Sweden 2004-2010
C. Esterhuysen South Africa 2005 to date
R. C. Evans UK 1948-1958
P. P. Ewald USA 1948-1960 (Chair)
L. Fabian Ireland 2010 to date
J. Fabry Czech Republic 2005 to date
L. R. Falvello Spain 2002 to date
I. Fankuchen USA 1948-1966     
P. E. Fanwick USA 2008 to date
L. Farrugia Scotland 2006 to date
V. Favre-Nicolin France 2011 to date
K. Fejfarova Czech Republic 2010 to date
G. Ferguson Canada 1994 to date
G. Ferraris Italy 1988-1988
P. F. Fewster UK 2005 to date
A. Fischer Sweden 2005 to date
P. M. D. Fitzgerald USA 2004-2009
J. Flippen-Anderson USA 2002 to date
U. Florke Germany 2009 to date
V. T. Forsyth France 2011 to date
R. Fourme France 1993-2002
R. R. Frahm Germany 1998-2008
A. K. Freund France 2002-2008
F. Frolow Israel 1997 to date
F. R. Fronczek USA 1996-2005
G. J. Gainsford New Zealand 2002 to date
J. F. Gallagher Ireland 2000 to date
B. Gallois France 1997-2000
J. M. Garcia-Ruiz Spain 2006 to date
E. F. Garman UK 2008 to date
A. Gavezzotti Italy 1988-1993
M. Gdaniec Poland 2005 to date
C. Giacovazzo Italy 1995-2005
R. D. Gilardi USA 2004-2006
A. M. Glazer UK 1985-1990, 1990-1999 (Co-chair)
C. Glidewell UK 1998 to date
J. P. Glusker USA 1987-2002
A. E. Goeta UK 2008 to date
L. R. Gomes Portugal 2010 to date
C. H. Gorbitz Norway 2004 to date
R. O. Gould UK 1987-1992
H. Graafsma France 2002 to date
G. Grubel Germany 2011 to date
A. Guinier France 1967-1970 (Co-chair), 1970-1976 (Chair)
T. N. Guru Row India 2006 to date
J. M. Guss Australia 2001 to date
I. A. Guzei USA 2004 to date
S. R. Hall Australia 1990-1999
K. J. Haller Thailand 2010 to date
W. C. Hamilton USA 1968-1972
T. A. Hamor UK 1980-1987
J. Harada Japan 1993-1999
M. M. Harding UK 1989-2000
W. T. A. Harrison UK 2003 to date
M. Hart UK 1973-1978 (Co-chair), 1978-1984 (Chair), 1993-2004
H. Hashizume Japan 1992-2002
S. S. Hasnain UK 1993 to date
B. Hazes Canada 2006 to date
S. M. Heald USA 2009 to date
P. C. Healy Australia 2003 to date
R. D. Heidenreich USA 1968-1974
J. R. Helliwell UK 1990-1996, 1996-2005 (Chair), 2005 to date
M. Helliwell UK 2004-2008
F. H. Herbstein Israel 1993-2000
E. F. C. Herdweck Germany 2010 to date
J. L. Hodeau France 2002 to date
T. Hokelek Turkey 2005 to date
H. M. Holden USA 2002 to date
H. Hope USA 1984-1993
M. Hospital France 1980-1988
C. J. Howard Australia 1990-2002; 2008 to date
N.-H. Hu People's Republic of China 2005 to date
T. C. Huang USA 1992-2002
E. W. Hughes USA 1957-1963     
W. N. Hunter UK 2002 to date
M. B. Hursthouse UK 1985-1994
G. E. Ice USA 2002 to date
A. Iida Japan 2002-2010
W. Imhof Germany 2006 to date
H. Ishida Japan 2004 to date
T. Ishii Japan 1993-1995
N. Ishizawa Japan 1999-2008
H. Iwasaki Japan 1985-1992
S. Jagner Sweden 1980-1981
H. Jagodzinski Germany 1960-1972
G. B. Jameson New Zealand 1998-2000
T. Janssen Netherlands 1993-2002
J. P. Jasinski USA 2009 to date
G. A. Jeffrey USA 1973-1983
L. H. Jensen USA 1971-1975
O. Johnson UK 2001 to date
P. G. Jones Germany 1994 to date
T. A. Jones Sweden 1992-2002
J. C. Joubert France 1976-1981
J. A. Kaduk USA 2005 to date
A. Kalman Hungary 1990-1999
H. Kamitsubo Japan 1993-2002
K. A. Kantardjieff USA 2005 to date
A. R. Kaysser-Pyzalla Germany 2007 to date
A. R. Kennedy UK 2010 to date
J. Kirz USA 1995-2006
H. Kitamura Japan 2002 to date
G. J. Kleywegt Sweden 2004 to date
L. L. Koh Singapore 1994-1999
B. Kojic-Prodic Croatia 2004 to date
H. Kooijman Netherlands 2005 to date
G. Kostorz Switzerland 1979-1988, 1999-2005, 2005 to date (Chair)
J. A. Krause Bauer USA 2002-2004
M. Kubicki Poland 2008 to date
W. F. Kuhs Germany 2010 to date
G. Kulipanov Russia 1993-1999
H. Kuroda Japan 1993-2001
A. Kvick France 2002 to date
V. Langer Sweden 2008 to date
J. I. Langford UK 1990-1996
F. K. Larsen Denmark 2005-2008
F. Laszlo Ireland 2011 to date
M. von Laue Germany 1948-1960     
C. E. P. Lecomte France 1997-2008
T. -n. Lee Korea 1995-1999
U. Lee Republic of Korea 2008 to date
S. V. Lindeman USA 2010 to date
A. Linden Switzerland 1996 to date
P. F. Lindley UK 1989-2002
E. C. Lingafelter USA 1975-1981
H. Lipson UK 1956-1977
Y. -C. Liu Taipei 1995-1999
J. Loll USA 2004-2010
M. Lopez-Rodriguez Spain 2010 to date
A. J. Lough Canada 2002 to date
J. N. Low Scotland 2006-2008
V. Y. Lunin Russia 2007 to date
J. T. Mague USA 2010 to date
A. Mar Canada 2001 to date
R. E. Marsh USA 1963-1971, 1994-2004
T. Matsushita Japan 1993-2002
C. Mauguin France 1948-1960
P. McArdle Ireland 2010 to date
L. B. McCusker Switzerland 2005-2008
R. McKenna USA 2009 to date
A. McPherson USA 2004 to date
S. McSweeney France 2005 to date
D. McWhan USA 1993-1996
K. Mereiter Austria 2010 to date
J. Miao USA 2010 to date
K. Miki Japan 2005 to date
R. P. Millane New Zealand 2002 to date
D. M. Mills USA 1993-2008
S. Miyake Japan 1963-1971
S. Mobilio Italy 1993-2002
K. Moffat USA 1993-2002
A. Momose Japan 2009 to date
A. M. Moore UK 1997-2006
D. Mootz Germany 1972-1975
B. Morosin USA 1986-1992
T. Morrison USA 1993-1995
B. C. Muddle Australia 2011 to date
K. W. Muir UK 1988-1999
P. Muller USA 2008 to date
I. H. Munro UK 1993-2002
M. R. N. Murthy India 2005 to date
O. Q. Munro South Africa 2004-2006
M. Nardelli Italy 1981-1988, 1991-2004
L. R. Nassimbeni South Africa 1995-2006
C. Näther Germany 2004 to date
J. Newman Australia 2007 to date
S. W. Ng Malaysia 2003 to date
G. S. Nichol USA 2009 to date
M. Nieger Finland 2010 to date
P. Niggli Switzerland 1948-1954
I. Nitta Japan 1954-1963
O. Nittono Japan 1993-2002     
C. E. Nordman USA 1983-1988
R. Norrestam Denmark 1981-1987
K. Ogawa Japan 2004 to date
B. Oh Korea 2009 to date
Y. Ohashi Japan 1995-2002
S. Ohba Japan 1998-2008
D. H. Ohlendorf USA 1998-2008
M. Ohmasa Japan 1990-1999
K.-I. Ohshima Japan 2002 to date
T. Ohta Japan 2002 to date
G. Oliva Brazil 1997-2008
A. G. Oliver USA 2010 to date
M. M. Olmstead USA 2000 to date
Å. Oskarsson Sweden 1996-2006
H. A. Padmore USA 1999-2008
D. Pandey India 1996-2008
S. Parkin USA 2006 to date
D. Parrish USA 2006 to date
S. Parsons Scotland 2008 to date
R. Parthasarathy USA 1994-1996
M. Parvez Canada 2006 to date
C. Pascard France 1988-1997
P. Paufler Germany 2004 to date
L. Pauling USA 1948-1966     
J. S. Pedersen Denmark 1993-2002     
V. R. Pedireddi India 2009 to date
J. E. Penner-Hahn USA 1995-2005
J. M. Perez-Mato Spain 2002 to date
V. Petrícek Czech Republic 2010 to date
P. A. Pianetta USA 2008 to date
A. A. Pinkerton USA 2008 to date
Z. G. Pinsker USSR 1966-1978
E. Prince USA 1986-1993
J. Protas France 1973-1986
M. L. Pusey USA 2000 to date
S. E. Rasmussen Denmark 1983-1993
R. J. Read UK 2011 to date
W. Reimers Germany 2011 to date
D. A. Reis USA 2011 to date
G. Renaud France 2011 to date
J. P. Renaud France 2007 to date
C. Riekel France 1995-2001
C. Rizzoli Italy 2004 to date
J. H. Robertson UK 1975-1987
P. D. Robinson USA 2005-2006
A. R. D. Rodrigues Brazil 1993-1999
A. Roodt South Africa 2006-2009
H. P. Rooksby UK 1967-1972
G. M. Rosair UK 2003 to date
R. Rosei Italy 1993-1999
P. Roussel France 2010 to date
V. Rybakov Russia 2006 to date
U. Rychlewska Poland 2005 to date
W. H. E. Saenger Germany 1989-2000
V. Saile USA 1993-2002
Y. Saito Japan 1978-1984
R. Sankaranarayanan India 2009 to date
B. D. Santarsiero USA 2010 to date
S. Sasaki Japan 2011 to date
M. Sauvage-Simkin France 1993-2002
H. Schenk Netherlands 2007 to date
M. Schiltz Switzerland 2011 to date
M. Schlenker France 1981-1984, 1984-1990 (Co-chair)
H. W. Schmalle Switzerland 2006 to date
H. H. Schulz Germany 1978-1984
D. Schwarzenbach Switzerland 1992 to date
M. L. Scudder Australia 2005 to date
D. P. Shoemaker USA 1964-1969
M. R. M. da Silva Portugal 2005-2009
G. A. Sim UK 1978-1984
V. I. Simonov Russia 1979-1996
J. Simpson New Zealand 2004 to date
A. M. Z. Slawin Scotland 2005-2009
S. van Smaalen Germany 1999 to date
G. Smith Australia 2009 to date
M. A. Spackman Australia 2005 to date
A. L. Spek Netherlands 1995 to date
J. C. H. Spence USA 1989-1999
P. J. Squattrito USA 2002 to date
W. C. Stallings USA 1994 to date
H. Steinfink USA 1984-1993
W. Steurer Switzerland 2010 to date
J. J. Stezowski USA 1994-1996
H. Stoeckli-Evans Switzerland 2002 to date
H. B. Stuhrmann Germany 1993-2002
S. Suga Japan 1995-2004
Se Won Suh Korea 2004 to date
S. Svensson Sweden 2009 to date
S. Takagi Japan 1971-1978
I. Tanaka Japan 2004-2009
K. Tanaka Japan 2002 to date
M. Taniguchi Japan 2003 to date
M. R. Taylor Australia 1994-2006
D. H. Templeton USA 1981-1984
T. C. Terwilliger USA 2004 to date
P. A. Thomas UK 1996-2001, 2002-2006
A. L. Thompson UK 2010 to date
E. R. T. Tiekink Australia 2000 to date
P. A. Timmins France 2002 to date
K. W. Tornroos Norway 2001 to date
M. Tremayne UK 2002-2008
J. Trotter Canada 1984-1990
K. Tsuda Japan 2010 to date
T. Tsukihara Japan 1995-2006
H. Uekusa Japan 2008 to date
R. Uyeda Japan
A. Van der Lee France 2010 to date
L. Van Meervelt Belgium 2009 to date
J. F. van der Veen Switzerland 2009 to date
J. Vicat France 1992-2002
M. Vijayan India 1992-2002
A. Vrielink USA 2002 to 2007
S. Wakatsuki Japan 2005 to date
D. Watanabe Japan 1976-1984
D. G. Watson UK 2000 to date
P. C. Weber USA 1993-1999
E. F. Weckert Germany 1999-2008
M. Weil Austria 2003 to date
M. S. Weiss Germany 2002 to date
T. R. Welberry Australia 2002 to date
J. D. Westbrook USA 2004 to date
P. J. Wheatley UK 1969-1980
J. White Australia 2010 to date
P. S. White USA 1996-2002
T. J. White Singapore 2008 to date
S. W. Wilkins Australia 2000-2008, 2010 to date
G. Will Germany 1985-1996
B. T. M. Willis UK 1980-1990
P. R. Willmott Switzerland 2009 to date
A. J. C. Wilson UK 1960-1969 (Chair)
C. C. Wilson UK 2002 to date
E. R. Wolfel Germany 1967-1975
P. M. de Wolff Netherlands 1967-1978
W. T. Wong Hong Kong 2001 to date
M. M. Woolfson UK 1968-1975, 1977-1980
A. F. Wrulich Switzerland 1999-2009
J. Wyart France 1948-1977
R. W. G. Wyckoff USA 1948-1966
D.-J. Xu People's Republic of China 2005 to date
H. L. Yakel USA 1981-1986
B. Yamin Malaysia 2005-2009
A. I. Yanovsky Russia 2000 to date
G. P. A. Yap USA 2010 to date
A. V. Yatsenko Russia 2010 to date
T. O. Yeates USA 2007 to date
R. A. Young USA 1967-1970, 1970-1978 (Co-chair)
D. S. Yufit UK 2010 to date
A. Zagari Italy 2000-2006
M. Zeller USA 2006 to date
Z. Zhang China 1993-1999
H. Zimmermann Germany 1996-2005; 2008 to date

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