SAS at the IUCr Congress

Small-Angle Scattering is represented at the triennial IUCr Congress by keynote speakers and selected Microsymposia. Some recent examples are listed below.

2017: Hyderabad, India

The 24th IUCr Congress will be in Hyderabad, India, 21-28 August 2017.

Recent Congresses 

2014: Montreal, CanadaMontreal Congress Logo 

The 23rd IUCr Congress was held in Montreal, Canada, 5-12 August 2014




 2011: Madrid, Spain Madrid Congress logo


Iris Torriani: Structural characterization of applied organic materials and soft matter 


 2008: Osaka, Japan Osaka Congress Logo


Simon Billinge: Nanostructure refinement and solution

Jill Trewhella: Combined methods: Small-angle scattering with NMR and crystallography 

Peter Fratzl: Materials research with scanning microfocus small-angle X-ray scattering 

  • Advances in grazing incidence, reflectivity and diffuse scattering (ChairsAndrew Allen, Monhoor Ree)
  • Time resolved and coherent X-ray scattering (Chairs: P. Thiyagarajan, S. Akiyama)
  • Complementarity of SAXS and SANS with other structural methods in molecular biology (ChairsJill Trewhella, T. Fujisawa)
  • Micro-SAXS for nanoscience and medicine (Chairs: Peter Fratzl, J. Doucet)