Forthcoming meetings

The following meetings may be of interest:

XAFS studies

This is a list of forthcoming meetings in XAFS studies that are recorded in the IUCr Calendar of Events. Please let us know of any that are missing by completing this form or sending an email to

Q2XAFS2017 – International Workshop on Improving Data Quality in XAFS Spectroscopy United Kingdom 14th Aug 2017 - 15th Aug 2017
XAFS2018. 17th International Conference on X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Poland 22nd Jul 2018 - 27th Jul 2018

Adhesion, Science of (GRS) United States 22nd Jul 2017 - 23rd Jul 2017
Adhesion, Science of (GRC) United States 23rd Jul 2017 - 28th Jul 2017
CERMODEL - Modelling and Simulation Meet Innovation in Ceramics Technology Italy 26th Jul 2017 - 28th Jul 2017
Dynamics at Surfaces (GRS) United States 29th Jul 2017 - 30th Jul 2017
Dynamics at Surfaces (GRC) United States 30th Jul 2017 - 4th Aug 2017
Nano-Mechanical Interfaces (GRC) Hong Kong 30th Jul 2017 - 4th Aug 2017
International Workshop on Topological Structures in Ferroic Materials United Kingdom 8th Aug 2017 - 10th Aug 2017
Joint Annual Meeting of Swiss Physical Society and Austrian Physical Society Switzerland 21st Aug 2017 - 25th Aug 2017
QMOL. Operating Quantum States in Atoms and Molecules at Surfaces Switzerland 10th Sep 2017 - 14th Sep 2017
The 4th Conference on New Advances in Condensed Matter Physics (NACMP 2017) China 24th Sep 2017 - 26th Sep 2017
ic-rmm3. 3rd International Conference on Rheology and Modeling of Materials Hungary 2nd Oct 2017 - 6th Oct 2017
7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress United Kingdom 26th Aug 2018 - 30th Aug 2018