Entered: Thu Oct 28 2010

Operating systems: Linux; MacOS; MS Windows

Type: Binary

Languages: C

Distribution: Free

Application fields: Graphics; Virtual reality; Visualization


Description: Display of crystal structures (ball-and-stick, polyhedra, thermal ellipsoids). Can import data in Shelx, Gsas, Cif and CSD fdat format. Produces output files in the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) or Persistence of Vision (POV-RAY) ray-tracing formats. The VRML format can be viewed locally or across the Internet, and the viewer can rotate and/or zoom the drawing in real time. Beginning with V2.4, the user can generate either VRML V1.0 or VRML97 (V2.0) format. In the latter form, it is possible to animate drawings as shown in the 'wrl' files included in the distribution.

References: http://www.lwfinger.net/drawxtl/


Last updated: 09 May 2011