Entered: Mon Feb 10 2014

Operating systems: Linux; MacOS; MS Windows


Languages: Python

Distribution: Free

Application fields: Powder; Structure determination

Bibliography: Toby, B.H. & Von Dreele, R.B. (2013). J. Appl. Cryst. 46, 544-549.

Description: GSAS-II is a general purpose package for data reduction, structure solution and structure refinement that can be used with both single-crystal and powder diffraction data from both neutron and X-ray sources, including laboratory and synchrotron sources, collected on both two- and one-dimensional detectors. It is intended that GSAS-II will eventually replace both the GSAS and the EXPGUI packages. It runs on all common computer platforms and offers highly integrated graphics, both for a user interface and for interpretation of parameters. The package can be applied to all stages of crystallographic analysis for constant-wavelength X-ray and neutron data.



Last updated: 10 Feb 2014