Entered: Tue Nov 16 2010

Operating systems: Unix

Type: Source

Languages: Java

Distribution: Free

Application fields: Diffraction

Bibliography: Weber, S. (1999). J. Appl. Cryst. 32, 1027-1028

Description: Version 1.07. Structure Viewer. Accepts input data for asymmetric unit cell, full unit cell or cartesian coordinates for all spacegroup symmetries. Measuring distances and angles, periodic table for radius and atom color settings. Output PostSript, VRML, GIF JPG. Includes also X-ray intensity calculations and a special reciprocal space viewer for viewing 3D/2D diffraction patterns. Real time rotations are possible for 3D mode, precession mode and Laue mode. Furthermore it includes an improved version of STEREOGRAM software. The Wulff net may be zoomed and dragged. Besides poles (hkl) it can plot zone axes [uvw] and produce PostScript output. Needs the java interpreter JDK1.2 (http://www.javasoft.com) to run it.

References: http://www.jcrystal.com/steffenweber/


Last updated: 09 May 2011