Entered: Fri Apr 15 2016

Operating systems:




Application fields: Biology; Instrumentation

Bibliography: Gabadinho, J., Beteva, A., Guijarro, M., Rey-Bakaikoa, V., Spruce, D., Bowler, M.W., Brockhauser, S., Flot, D., Gordon, E.J., Hall, D.R., Lavault, B., McCarthy, A.A., McCarthy, J., Mitchell, E., Monaco, S., Mueller-Dieckmann, C., Nurizzo, D., Ravelli, R.B.G., Thibault, X., Walsh, M.A., Leonard, G.A. & McSweeney, S.M. (2010). J. Synchrotron Rad. 17, 700-707

Description: MxCuBE allows users to easily and simply interact with beamline hardware components and provides automated routines for common tasks in the operation of an ESRF synchrotron beamline at dedicated to experiments in MX.



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