Entered: Fri Dec 17 2010

Operating systems: MS-DOS

Type: Binary

Languages: Fortran

Distribution: Shareware

Application fields: Structure; Other

Bibliography: Elements of Inorganic Structural Chemistry. Selected efforts to predict structural features, 2nd Engl. ed. by E. Parthé

Description: VEC is a DOS program that comes with the book. Makes predictions for the most probable structural features of valence compounds (Zintl phases). For a given chemical formula crystal chemical, parameters are calculated which are used to predict the average number of homonuclear bonds. Assuming that a structure with an anionic or neutral tetrahedron complex exists, these parameters serve also to select the probable base tetrahedra with which the complex can be constructed. On the screen are shown schematic drawings of the selected base tetrahedra.



Last updated: 09 May 2011