Entered: Tue Dec 21 2010

Operating systems: MS Windows

Type: Binary



Application fields:

Bibliography: Durand, P., Canard, L. & Mornon, J.P. (1997). Comput. Appl. Biosci., 13, 407–413.

Description: To facilitate and accelerate sequence analysis, we present, for the first time, two easy-to-use programs designed for interactive analysis of full BLAST and FASTA output files containing protein sequence alignments. The programs, Visual BLAST and Visual FASTA, run under Microsoft Windows 95 or NT systems. They are based on the same intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) with extensive viewing, searching, editing, printing and multithreading capabilities. These programs improve the browsing of BLAST/FASTA results by offering a more convenient presentation of these results. They also implement on a computer several analytical tools which automate a manual methodology used for detailed analysis of BLAST and FASTA outputs. These tools include a pairwise sequence alignment viewer, a Hydrophobic Cluster Analysis plot alignment viewer and a tool displaying a graphical map of all database sequences aligned with the query sequence. In addition, Visual Blast includes tools for multiple sequence alignment analysis (with an amino acid patterns search engine), and Visual FASTA provides a GUI to the FASTA program.



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