Entered: Tue Dec 21 2010

Operating systems:

Type: Binary


Distribution: Commercial

Application fields: Minerals; Powder


Description: X-ray Diffraction Analysis Software. Visual CRYSTAL unites 6 major functionalities in one practical and easy-to-use software, making qualitative and quantitative phase analysis by both RIR and RIETVELD full pattern methods. The search-match methods identify easily the compound phases of the sample. The interaction between the identification and the quantification facilitates the interpretation of diffraction data thanks to a progressive reconstruction of the diffractogram and a probability of presence characterizing each phase. The graphic rebuild, adding up the phase full patterns (Pseudo-Voigt function), shows the contribution of each phase to each observed peak or individual count. The profile and structural parameters are refined simultaneously using the Rietveld analysis : non linear least squares solved by Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm which brings the best stability to the process. Others main features : Background fit, preferred orientation, amorphous phase content calculated without adding a supplementary phase, validation through chemical composition (if available), memorization of the analysis data for later use or verification, macro-commands for repetitive analyses and fully automated production follow-up. VC6 runs with MS Windows NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Languages : English, French.



Last updated: 02 Aug 2013