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NAME ndb_cif_item_values_strncmp


#include "cifparse.h"

int ndb_cif_item_values_strncmp(CifHandle *cf,
                               const int catId1,
                               const int colId1,
                               const int rowId1,
                               const int startPos1,
                               const int catId2,
                               const int colId2,
                               const int rowId2,
                               const int startPos2,
                               const int maxFieldLen);

ndb_cif_item_values_strncmp compares the values in the two rows of the CifHandle data stucture specified by cf. Rows are specifieded by the category catId1, the column colId1, the row rowId1 and category catId2, the column colId2, the row rowId1, respectively. Comparing starts at the position startPos1 in the first row and at the position startPos2 in the second row, and compares maxFiledLen charasters.


cf pointer to the CifHandle data structure
catId1 identifies the category
colId1 identifies the column
rowId1 identifies the row
startPos1 number of the start position
catId2 identifies the category
colId2 identifies the column
rowId2 identifies the row
startPos2 number of the start position
maxFieldLen the length of the string fieldValue


Returns 0 if the srings are equal, or nonzero value if aren't.


See also: ndb_cif_item_value_strncmp

Olivera Tosic