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DDL dictionary version 1.4.1




   The type specification of the defined item.

   Type 'numb' identifies items which must have values that are
   identifiable numbers. The acceptable syntax for these numbers
   is application-dependent, but the formats illustrated by the
   following identical numbers are considered to be interchangeable:
   42   42.000  0.42E2  .42E+2  4.2E1  420000D-4  0.0000042D+07

   Type 'char' identifies items which need not be interpretable
   numbers. The specification of these items must comply with the
   STAR syntax specification of either a 'contiguous single-line
   string' bounded by blanks or blank-quotes, or a 'text string'
   bounded by semicolons as the first character of a line.

   Type 'null' identifies items which appear in the dictionary
   for data-definition and descriptive purposes. These items
   serve no function outside the dictionary files.

The data value must be one of the following:

numerically interpretable string

character or text string

for dictionary purposes only

Type: char

Category: type