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DDL dictionary version 1.4.1




   Codes defining conditions on the _type specification.

   'su' permits a number string to contain an appended standard
   uncertainty number enclosed within parentheses. E.g. 4.37(5)

   'esd' is a deprecated synonym for 'su', arising from the
   former use of the term 'estimated standard deviation'
   for 'standard uncertainty', and permitting a number string to
   contain an appended standard deviation within parentheses.
   E.g. 4.37(5)

   'seq' permits data to be declared as a sequence of values
   separated by a comma <,> or a colon <:>.
      * The sequence v1,v2,v3,. signals that v1, v2, v3, etc.
        are alternative values.
      * The sequence v1:v2 signals that v1 and v2 are the boundary
        values of a continuous range of values satisfying the
        requirements of _enumeration for the defined item.
   Combinations of alternative and range sequences are permitted.

May appear in list
The data value must be one of the following:

no extra conditions apply to the defined _type

synonym for su

data may be declared as a permitted sequence

numbers *may* have s.u.'s appended within parentheses

Enumeration default: none

Type: char

Category: type_conditions