Crystallographic Information Framework

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Image dictionary (imgCIF) version 1.3.2




   This is a descriptor for the physical axis or set of axes
   corresponding to an array index.

   This data item is related to the axes of the detector
   itself given in DIFFRN_DETECTOR_AXIS, but usually differs
   in that the axes in this category are the axes of the
   coordinate system of reported data points, while the axes in
   DIFFRN_DETECTOR_AXIS are the physical axes
   of the detector describing the 'poise' of the detector as an
   overall physical object.

   If there is only one axis in the set, the identifier of
   that axis should be used as the identifier of the set.

Type: code

Mandatory item: yes

The following item(s) have an equivalent role in their respective categories:

Category: array_structure_list