Electron Crystallography. 51st Erice Course.

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Electron Crystallography. 51st Erice Course.

Start Date 1st Jun 2018
End Date 10th Jun 2018

In the era of nanoscience, the size of particles to be investigated gets smaller and smaller, and traditional techniques used to characterise materials are being stretched beyond their limit. Electron Crystallography (EC) is a powerful tool to study crystal structure and properties of nano-sized materials and fills the void of information left when other methods struggle to provide convincing data for nanoscale objects.

Exciting developments such as aberration correctors, dedicated specimen-holders, highly sensitive cameras, new data acquisition techniques, automated routines for data collection and new data processing software and methods allow electron crystallographers to determine crystal structures from micro- and nanocrystals with increasing accuracy and astonishing level of detail. The Course intends to review the traditional as well as the modern methods of electron crystallography; it will be divided into three major fields:

  1. provide a strong background on crystallography in general and electron crystallography in particular.
  2. introduce students to state-of-art techniques of electron crystallography including experimental techniques, data acquisition and data processing as well as to supporting techniques such as spectroscopy.
  3. cover different approaches for structure analysis and derive structure-property relationship.

The course will cover a range of materials, from organic molecules like pigments and drugs through complicated inorganic and metallic materials and minerals to protein structures. In addition to the standard crystalline materials it will focus also on amorphous, nano- and meso-crystalline state.

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Location Erice
Contact J. Hadermann
URL http://crystalerice.org/2018/

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Topics Electron crystallography