Particle based methods in materials science

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Particle based methods in materials science

Start Date 23rd Jul 2018
End Date 28th Jul 2018

This workshop will bring together experts focusing on coarse-grained, particle-based methods for simulating the growth and evolution of materials that incorporate atomistic length scales.

In recent years there has been extensive development in a diverse collection of such methods, including accelerated molecular dynamics, classical density functional theory, phase field crystal, kinetic Monte Carlo and quasicontinuum methods. Each of these methods attempts to incorporate the discrete nature of crystalline lattices and the defects and dislocations inherent in such systems on length and time scales much larger than atomic vibration times and length scales. These efforts are interdisciplinary, with individuals from mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering working in these areas. While these techniques are often suitable for studying the same physical problem, such as heterepitaxial growth, they tend to develop individual research communities that may not communicate extensively. There is a special challenge when trying to encourage interaction between researchers in different disciplines. One of the primary aims of this workshop is to overcome such barriers. To this end, speakers will be encouraged to give an accessible introduction to their approaches in addition to highlighting the cutting edge advances in their field. A specific goal of the meeting is that each participant will come away with knowledge of and an increased appreciation for work in these closely related specialties.

Location Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Category Workshops
Topics Characterisation of materials