7th School on Representational Analysis and Magnetic Structures (RAMS)

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7th School on Representational Analysis and Magnetic Structures (RAMS)

Start Date 20th Jun 2018
End Date 23rd Jun 2018

The school is targeted towards researchers interested in applying group theory to solving magnetic structures with neutron diffraction. The school will cover both representational analysis and magnetic space group approaches, and will include both lectures and software labs.

Topics will include

  • Representational analysis of complex magnetic structures
  • Symmetry and magnetic structure determination: developments in refinement techniques and examples
  • Geometrical frustration and incommensurate magnetic ordering
  • Magnetic structure refinement with neutron powder diffraction data using Fullprof, MODY, SARA, etc.


The workshop is being hosted at the University of Maryland campus - participants can stay on campus for discounted prices.

Attendance is limited to 30 participants.

Early Registration deadline: 23rd May 2018

For more information, please visit:  http://magnetism-school.org/static/2018/index.html

Location College Park, MD
United States
Contact Efrain E. Rodriguez
URL http://magnetism-school.org/static/2018/index.html

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Topics Magnetism | Materials | Neutron scattering