Cryo electron microscopy

This is a list of forthcoming meetings in Cryo electron microscopy that are recorded in the IUCr Calendar of Events. Please let us know of any that are missing by completing this form or sending an email to

Biophysical Society Annual Meeting United States 2nd Mar 2019 - 6th Mar 2019
Microscopy characterisation of organic-inorganic interfaces - 2019 Germany 7th Mar 2019 - 8th Mar 2019
Introduction to model building and refinement using cryo-EM maps Spain 14th Mar 2019 - 15th Mar 2019
Workshop on single-particle cryo-EM and tomography Italy 31st Mar 2019 - 6th Apr 2019
CCP-EM Spring Symposium United Kingdom 29th Apr 2019 - 1st May 2019
Advanced Workshop on Cryo-Electron Tomography Austria 13th May 2019 - 17th May 2019
2nd Annual Industrial Biostructures America United States 19th May 2019 - 21st May 2019
ESRF workshop on sample preparation for Cryo-EM France 21st May 2019 - 23rd May 2019
Microscopical Society of Canada meeting Canada 21st May 2019 - 24th May 2019
2nd summer workshop in cryo-EM data processing United States 16th Jun 2019 - 20th Jun 2019
6th RéNaFoBiS Oléron workshop France 21st Jun 2019 - 28th Jun 2019
Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M 2019) United States 4th Aug 2019 - 8th Aug 2019
Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography 4 Structural Biology Croatia 1st Oct 2019