Event Name

5th ReNaFoBiS Oleron workshop

Start Date 1st Jun 2018
End Date 8th Jun 2018

The workshop is dedicated to Integrative Structural Biology

The main objective of this workshop is to offer a theoretical and practical training in the different techniques used in integrative structural biology (X-ray diffraction, small-angle X-ray scattering, NMR, cryo-electron microscopy, sample preparation for structural biology,  biophysical methods to study and characterize macromolecular interactions). The goals are to explain and illustrate, to an audience mainly composed of doctoral students and young researchers, the contributions and limitations of each method with a strong emphasis on their complementarity and future developments.
The official language of the workshop is French but presentations may be given in English, depending on the overall profile of the students. For practicals, English and French speaking groups may be organised.

Deadline for registration: April 9, 2018 (maximum number of participants: 25)

More information on the French Initiative ReNaFoBiS : http://www.renafobis.fr/

Location Oléron island
Contact Jean Cavarelli
URL https://ecolebios2018.sciencesconf.org/

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Cryo electron microscopy | NMR crystallography | Small-angle scattering