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Advanced Workshop on Cryo-Electron Tomography

Start Date 13th May 2019
End Date 17th May 2019

The international workshop is jointly organised by the The Electron Microscopy Facility of the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (Vienna, Austria) and Nexperion Solutions for Electron Microscopy (Vienna, Austria)

While this workshop targets an advanced audience with pre-existing knowledge in electron tomography, data processing and/or cryo-TEM, a weekend pre-course will be offered for less experienced participants to catch-up.
The main part of the workshop will to cover
        Specimen preparation techniques for cryo-electron tomography
        Low-dose data collection with SerialEM
        Direct detectors
        Cryo-STEM tomography
        Processing of low-dose tilt series with IMOD
        Modelling and interpretation of cryo-electron tomography data
        Subtomogram averaging with PEET

On 11-12 May there is an optional pre-course workshop.

Location Vienna
Contact Guenter Resch
URL https://www.nexperion.net/cryotomo2019

Category Workshops
Topics Cryo electron microscopy | Electron crystallography