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First Erice International School on Quantum Crystallography. 52nd Erice Course

Start Date 1st Jun 2018
End Date 10th Jun 2018

This is the inaugural School on Quantum Crystallography at Erice. Quantum Crystallography refers to the combination of crystallographic information from diffraction or other scattering techniques with quantum mechanical theory. It is also an extension of quantum chemistry to periodic systems.

The School attempts to give a snapshot of this evolving field, complete with workshops demonstrating state-of-the art software. Topics will include: the beginnings of the Quantum Crystallography in the measurement of the electron charge or spin density; the Hohenberg-Kohn theorem and the importance of the X-ray diffraction experiment; multipole-based models for the charge density; polarizable-density models; momentum based experiments and orbital density expansions; joint refinement of charge, spin, and momentum density.

Registration is open (will close on 30 November 2017)

Location Erice
Contact Piero Macchi
URL http://crystalerice.org/2018/

Category Schools | IUCr sponsored meetings
Topics Charge, spin and momentum densities