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Direct Methods in X-ray Crystallography 1973

Lectures by H. Hauptman

[1973: Direct Methods in X-ray Crystallography: Lectures by H. Hauptman]

Standing, left to right: M. Nardelli, A. Corradi, L. Cavalca (in foreground, with suit and tie, holding folder), A. Mangia, C. Palmieri, G. Bocelli, G. Pelizzi (partially obscured), G. Evrard, G. Fava (in foreground, with dark glasses), E. M. van den Hark, H. Krabbendam, F. Lazarini, L. Battaglia (in rear, obscured), H. Boller, S. French (partially obscured), C. J. E. Kempster, V. Zabel, W. A. Wooster, H. Hauptman, H. V. Gabrielsen, B. Kojic-Prodic (partially obscured), G. D. Andreetti, P. Domiano (at rear, partially obscured), R. O. Gould, E. Bang (largely obscured), D. Rogers, A. Krajewski, A. Musatti (obscured), G. Gilli, P. Sgarabotto. Seated, left to right: P. T. Beurskens, G. Chiari, A. Gaetani, H. Schenk (in front), A. Chiesi, D. Zobel (in front), A. L. Spek, D. Viterbo, L. Riva, N. Faraboli.

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