International Union of Crystallography

The following nominations for members of the Commissions for the triennium 2020-2023 have been received from the National Committees for Crystallography.

Commission on Aperiodic Crystals

E. Abe (Japan) (present member)
E. Gaudry (France)
T. Leisegang (Germany)
R. Strzalka (Poland)

Commission on Biological Macromolecules

A. Albert (Spain)
K. Brown (UK)
A. Buschiazzo (Uruguay) (present member)
S. Klinke (Argentina)
G. Kurisu (Japan)
M.C. Nonato (Brazil)
W.-D. Schubert (South Africa) (present member)
J. Smith (USA)
N. Strater (Germany) (present member)
B. Vallone (Italy) (present member)
M. Weiss (Germany) (present member)

Commission on Crystal Growth Growth and Characterization of Materials

E. Talik (Poland) (nominated as member [ineligible] and as Chair) (present member)
A.J. Cruz-Cabeza (UK)
S. Cuffini (Brazil)
H. Fujioka (Japan) (present member)
C. Guguchev (Germany)
G.E. Narda (Argentina)
A. Vecchioni (Italy)
S. Veesler (France) (present member)

Commission on Crystallographic Computing

T. Proffen (USA) (nominated as Chair if incumbent wishes to leave) (present member)
R.I. Cooper (UK)
C.L. Millan (Spain) (present member)
R. Neder (Germany)
R. Rizzi (Italy)
A. Thorn (Germany) (present member)
Y. Yamada (Japan)

Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

O.A. Asojo (USA) (nominated as Chair) (present member)
A.J. Blake (UK)
S. Cuffini (Brazil)
C. Esterhuysen (South Africa)
A. Guerri (Italy) (present member)
T. Inoue (Japan) (present member)
D. Lamas (Argentina) (present member)
A. Linden (Switzerland)
N. LaRonde (USA)
S. Lopez Andres (Spain) (present member)
E. Michalski (Poland)
M. Weiss (Germany) (present member, ineligible except as Chair)

Commission on Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage

G. Artioli (Italy) (present Chair)
S. Bette (Germany)
T. Kamiyama (Japan)
S. Svarcova (Czech Republic)

Commission on Crystallography of Materials

B. Albert (Germany) (present member) - only eligible to continue as Chair
G. Barandika (Spain)
A. Dommann (Switzerland)
M. Eremets (Germany) (present member)
M. Fantini (Brazil)
G. Gandara (Spain)
H. Maynard-Casely (Australia)
M. Rademeyer (South Africa)
W. Wong-Ng (USA)
H. Yokota (Japan)

Commission on Electron Crystallography

K. Balzuweit (Brazil) (present member)
T. Gruene (Germany)
K. Mitsuoka (Japan) (present member)
J. Rodriguez (USA)
C. Scheu (Germany)
P. van Aaken (Germany)
M. Zubko (Poland)

Commission on High Pressure

K. Katrusiak (Poland) (nominated as member and as Chair)
N. Dubrovinskaia (Germany) (present member)
K.F. Dziubek (Italy) (present member)
K. Komatsu (Japan)
J. Sanchez-Benitez (Spain)
N.M. Souza-Neto (Brazil) (present member)
T. Strobel (USA)

Commission on Inorganic and Mineral Structures

M. Colmont (France) (present member)
A. Gagor (Poland)
J.L. Jorda (Spain)
E.E. McCabe (UK)
M. Nespolo (France) (present member)
C. Rohr (Germany)
K. Sugiyama (Japan)
S. Tarantino (Italy)

Commission on Magnetic Structures

J.M. Perez-Mato (Spain) (nominated as Chair) (present member)
A. Munoz Castellanos (Spain)
A. Senyshyn (Germany)
J.M. Rawson (Canada)
N. Terada (Japan)

Commission on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography

M. Fischer (Germany)
D. Gratias (France) (present member)
J. Hadermann (Belgium) (present member)
H.B. Napolitano (Brazil) (present member)
R. Oishi-Tomiyasu (Japan) (present member)
K. Stroz (Poland)
L. Suescun (Uruguay) (present member)

Commission on Neutron Scattering

T. Ishigaki (as Chair) (Japan) (present Chair)
L. Canadillas Delgado (Spain)
J. Hernandez-Velasco (Spain) (present member)
C. Hoffmann (USA)
M. Meven (Germany) (present member)
J. Santisteban (Argentina)
P.L. Zajdel (Poland)

Commission on NMR Crystallography and Related Methods

A. Comotti (Italy)
Y. Khymyak (UK)
T. Kimura (Japan) (present member)
J. Senker (Germany) (present member)

Commission on Powder Diffraction

D.G. Billing (nominated as Chair) (South Africa) (present Chair)
A. Altomare (Italy) (present member)
P. Bezdicka (Czech Republic)
V. Colombo (Spain)
V. Esteve-Cano (Spain)
Y. Filinchuk (Belgium)
F. Furlan Ferreira (Brazil)
B. Hinrichsen (Germany)
A. Leineweber (Germany)
C. Lind-Kovacs (USA)
C. Moriyoshi (Japan)
A. Neels (Switzerland)
W. Łasocha (Poland)
J. Rius (Spain) (present member)
N. Sharma (Australia) 

Commission on Quantum Crystallography

S.J. Coles (UK)
A. Martin Pendas (Spain)
L. Massa (USA)
E. Nishibori (Japan) (present member)
J.R. Sabino (Brazil) (present member)
W. Scherer (Germany) (present member)
E. Spinosa (France)
K. Wozniak (Poland)

Commission on Small-Angle Scattering

J. Ilavsky (USA) (nominated as Chair) (present member)
E. Kentzinger (Germany)
O. Mykhaylyk (UK)
T.R. Patel (Canada)
C.L. Pinto de Oliveira (Brazil)
M. Sugiyama (Japan) (present member)
T. Unruh (Germany)

Commission on Structural Chemistry

S. Bourne (as Chair) (South Africa) (present Chair)
M.C. Bernini (Argentina)
M. Bhadbhade (Australia)
A. Bialonska (Poland)
A. Briceno (Venezuela)
J. Ellena (Brazil) (present member)
J. Harada (Japan) (present member)
C.W. Lehmann (present member) (ineligible except as Chair)
G. Minguez Espallargas (Spain)
M.E.G. Mosquera (Spain)
C. Tedesco (Italy)
P. Wood (UK)

Commission on Synchrotron and XFEL Radiation

M.A.G. Aranda (Spain) (present member nominated as Chair)
S. Adachi (Japan)
A. Cohen (USA)
L.J. Keefe (USA)
M. Kozak (Poland) (present member)
D. Lamba (Italy)
E. Du Plessis (South Africa)
A.J. Orville (UK)
A.E. Platero-Prats (Spain)
J. Rubio-Zuazo (Spain)
M.E. Saleta (Argentina)
T. Tschentcher (Germany) (present member)

Commission on XAFS

H. Abe (Japan)
A. Aquilanti (Italy) (present member)
B. Ravel (USA)
G. Subias-Peruga (Spain)
C.Q. Tran (Australia)
A. Wolska (Poland)