International Union of Crystallography

The following nominations for members of the Executive Committee for the triennium 2021-2024 have been received from the National Committees for Crystallography.



H. Dabkowska (Canada)


S. Garcia Granda (Spain)
R. Kuzel (Czech Republic)

General Secretary and Treasurer

B. Brummerstedt-Iversen (Denmark) (received late but nominated by Sweden and supported by Norway, Denmark, Finland, USA and UK)

Ordinary members

A. Altomare (Italy)
D.G. Billing (South Africa)
L. Brammer (UK) (received late but nominated by UK and supported by New Zealand)
P. Grochulski (Canada)
H. Liu (China) (received late but nominated by China and supported by Mexico and delegates from Japan)
L. Meshi (Israel)
T. Proffen (USA) (received late but nominated by USA and supported by Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela)
S. Ravy (France)
M. Weiss (Germany)
K. Wozniak (Poland)

E. Garman (UK) has withdrawn