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Dr Manju Bansal   Manju Bansal (Indian Institute of Science, Molecular Biophysics Unit, India)
General scientific interests: biological crystallography, computer graphics, drug design, hydrogen bonding, macromolecular crystallography, membranes, molecular modelling, molecular recognition, nucleic acids, peptides, proteins, structural biology, structural chemistry, structure-activity relationships, teaching and education, viruses.
Detailed scientific research interests: biomolecular structures, comparative genomics, computer modelling, computer simulation of structure computer software, computer technology, nucleic acids sequence-structure, protein DNA interactions, protein structural motifs, structure analysis.
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Professor Shigeaki Kawano   Shigeaki Kawano (Department of Humanities, Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu Lutheran College, Kurokami 3-12-16, Japan)
Detailed scientific research interests: computer sciences, computer technology, crystallography.
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Dr Arthur J. Olson   Arthur J. Olson (Department of Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, USA)
General scientific interests: drug design.
Detailed scientific research interests: antibody antigen interactions, docking computations, molecular computer graphics, protein interaction, viral structure, visualization technology.
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