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Dr Vladimir Stepanovich Antoschenko   Vladimir Stepanovich Antoschenko (Research Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Kazakh State National University, 96A Tole Bi St., Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Detailed scientific research interests: interfaces, liquid phase epitaxy, processes of single-crystal dissolution, solid-liquid interaction, thin film devices.
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Dr Paul Fenter   Paul Fenter (Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
General scientific interests: geochemistry, minerals, structure determination, surfaces, X-ray diffraction.
Detailed scientific research interests: mineral dissolution, mineral growth, mineral-water interface, organic monolayers, organic thin films, Surface diffraction, X-ray reflectivity, X-ray standing waves.
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Dr Alexey E. Smirnov   Alexey E. Smirnov (Institute of Crystallography, Lab. of Mechanical Properties of Crystals, Russian Academy of Sciences, 59 Leninsky pr., Russia, Russian Federation)
Detailed scientific research interests: electromechanical effect, etching, plasticity, strength, thermal chemical dissolution, track membranes.
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Dr Gheorghe Udubasa   Gheorghe Udubasa (Geological Institute of Romania, Caransebes str. 1, Romania)
General scientific interests: crystal growth, geochemistry, minerals, oxides, X-ray diffraction.
Detailed scientific research interests: dissolution, gold compounds, graphite, hardening, mineralization, mineralogy, nonstoichiometry, paragenesis, reflected light microscopy, sulfides, tellurides, titanium compounds.
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