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Dr Robert Bolotovsky   Robert Bolotovsky (Rigaku Americas Corporation, 9009 New Trails Drive, USA)
General scientific interests: charge density, computer graphics, computing, data collection and processing.
Detailed scientific research interests: accurate data processing, area detectors, crystallographic programming, electron densities.
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Dr Cheryl L. Klein Stevens   Cheryl L. Klein Stevens (OCSE Dean's Office Staff, Western Kentucky University, USA)
General scientific interests: charge density, drug design, molecular modelling, structure-activity relationships.
Detailed scientific research interests: biocrystallography, carcinogenesis, drug receptor interaction, electron densities, medicinal chemistry, narcotics, pharmaceuticals neuroleptics.
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Professor Dr Werner Lottermoser   Werner Lottermoser (Institut für Mineralogie/Universität Salzburg, Hellbrunnerstraße 34/III , Austria)
General scientific interests: computing, magnetism, minerals, neutron scattering, silicates.
Detailed scientific research interests: biominerals, cryophysics, electron densities, Mossbauer spectroscopy, neutron diffraction, physics, single crystals.
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Professor Dr Karlheinz Schwarz   Karlheinz Schwarz (Institut für Materialchemie, Technische Universität Wien, Austria)
General scientific interests: alloys, catalysis, charge density, computer graphics, computing.
Detailed scientific research interests: band structure calculation, carbides, cohesive energy, condensed matter, density distribution, DFT (density functional theory), electron densities, molecular dynamics, nitrides, oxides, quantum mechanics, spin densities, transition metal compounds, WIEN2k code (co-author).
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Professor Dr Wolf Weyrich   Wolf Weyrich (Department of Chemistry, University of Konstanz, Germany)
General scientific interests: catalysis, charge density, data collection and processing, hydrogen bonding, imaging, inorganic compounds, instrumentation, metals, organic compounds, organometallic compounds, oxides, phase transitions, surfaces, synchrotron radiation, X-ray optics.
Detailed scientific research interests: bonding on surfaces, chemical bonding, density matrices, electron momentum densities, electron position densities, electronic structure of atoms, molecules, liquids, solids and surfaces, Gamma, X-ray and Compton spectroscopy, hydrogen bonding, intermolecular interactions, quantum-mechanical phase space, reciprocal form factors, scattering processes.
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Dr Naijue Zhu   Naijue Zhu (Department of Chemistry, Xavier University, USA)
Detailed scientific research interests: electron densities, medicinal chemistry.
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