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Dr Bhabani Sankar Acharya   Bhabani Sankar Acharya (C.V.Raman College of Engineering, Bidyanagar, Mahura, Janla, India)
General scientific interests: electron diffraction, electron microscopy, Rietveld method, X-ray diffraction, XAFS.
Detailed scientific research interests: databases, defects, high-temperature XRD, qualitative and quantitative phase determination by powder diffraction, Rietveld method of profile analysis.
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Dr Abhay Dasadia   Abhay Dasadia (Applied Sciences, A.D.Patel Institute Of Technology, India)
General scientific interests: crystal growth, inorganic compounds, materials science, semiconductors, X-ray diffraction.
Detailed scientific research interests: 1. Crystal growth by vapor transport method, 10. CVD grown diamonds, 10. Optical microscopy for surface investigation of crystals, 2. Energy Dispersive analysis spectroscopy (EDS), 3. High temperature transport properties measurements, 4. High pressure study using Bridgeman anvil setup, 5. Crystal structure determination (Powder XRD and single crystal XRD), 6. UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy, 7. Raman spectroscopy, 8. TGA/DTA analysis, 9. SEM/TEM.
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 Camden R. Hubbard   Camden R. Hubbard (Applied Diffraction Corp., 110 Crestview Lane, USA)
General scientific interests: ceramics, databases, materials science, neutron scattering, phase transitions.
Detailed scientific research interests: diffraction user center, high temperature XRD, neutron diffraction, neutron strain mapping, residual stress user center, thermophysical properties.
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 Nicola Vivienne Yorke Scarlett   Nicola Vivienne Yorke Scarlett (Process Science and Engineering, CSIRO, Australia)
General scientific interests: crystal chemistry, electron microscopy, minerals, Rietveld method, X-ray diffraction.
Detailed scientific research interests: high temperature powder XRD, in-situ powder XRD, mapping, microdiffraction, on-line powder XRD, quantitative phase analysis.
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 Morteza Zargar Shoushtari   Morteza Zargar Shoushtari (Department of Physics, Shahid Chamran University, Iran)
Detailed scientific research interests: high-Tc superconductors, low-temperature physics, XRD.
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