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Dr khaled ebnalwaled Abdelfattah   khaled ebnalwaled Abdelfattah (physics, south valley university, Egypt)
General scientific interests: alloys, cryocrystallography, crystal growth, databases, defects, direct methods, disorder, electron diffraction, materials science, microgravity, phase transitions, physical crystallography, powder diffraction, quasicrystals, residual stress, semiconductors, structural genomics, structure determination, structure-activity relationships, thin films, twinning, X-ray diffraction, X-ray optics, X-ray topography.
Detailed scientific research interests: crystal growth,, dislocation denisity, grain size, i interest with, microstrain, microstructural properties,, optical properties, semiconducctors,, theortical solid state, transport properties,, X - ray diffraction theories and applications..
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Mrs Silvana Tumminello   Silvana Tumminello (Mechanical Department- Engineering Faculty, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina)
General scientific interests: alloys, chemical crystallography, electron diffraction, electron microscopy, materials science, metals, phase determination, phase transitions, powder diffraction, Rietveld method, synchrotron radiation, teaching and education, texture, thin films, X-ray diffraction.
Detailed scientific research interests: aluminium alloys and compounds, calorimetry, EDS, Electron microscopy techniques, kinetic experiments with diffusion couples, Lead free solders, metallic compounds, metallic intermetallic crystals, metallic multilayers, metallic superlattices, metallography, microhardness, microstructural properties, microstructure characterization, microstructure of alloys, phase characterization, Phase diagrams calculations, Thermal treatments, X-ray diffraction.
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