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 Markku Jouko Ahlgren   Markku Jouko Ahlgrén (Department of Chemistry, University of Joensuu, Finland)
General scientific interests: chemical crystallography, clusters, coordination chemistry, organic compounds, organometallic compounds, small molecules, structural chemistry.
Detailed scientific research interests: coordination clusters, molecular complexes.
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Professor Katsuyuki Aoki   Katsuyuki Aoki (Department of Materials Science, Toyohashi Univ. of Technology, Japan)
General scientific interests: molecular recognition, nucleic acids, peptides, proteins.
Detailed scientific research interests: amino acids, antibiotics, bioinorganic chemistry, biological molecular complexes, biological structure-activity relationship, drug, nucleotides, vitamins.
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Dr Hazel A. Barnes   Hazel A. Barnes (5 Scotswood Crescent Wormit Newport-on-Tay , Fife, United Kingdom)
General scientific interests: structure determination.
Detailed scientific research interests: molecular complexes, nuclear magnetic resonance, QSAR.
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Dr Claude Bavoux   Claude Bavoux (Lab. de Cristallographie , Univ. Claude Bernard, France)
General scientific interests: disorder, hydrogen bonding, molecular recognition, organic compounds, polymorphism, structure determination, X-ray diffraction.
Detailed scientific research interests: macrocycles, molecular complexes.
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Miss Alejandra Angela Carriles Linares   Alejandra Angela Carriles Linares (Crystallography and Structural Biology, Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano, Spain)
General scientific interests: biological crystallography, drug design, structural biology, synchrotron radiation, X-ray diffraction.
Detailed scientific research interests: atomic structure, bioinformatics, biological molecular complexes, biomacromolecule X-ray crystallography biomedicine, cryocooled crystallography, crystal and molecular structure, crystal and powder X-ray diffraction, crystal growth, crystallographic methods, crystallographic refinement, crystallographic structure determination crystallography and computing, data collection methods, data processing, drug binding, drug conformation, drug discovery, drug modelling and design, electron microscopy and diffraction, protein crystallography, structure analysis.
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Professor Roberto Centore   Roberto Centore (Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
General scientific interests: crystal engineering, hydrogen bonding, phase transitions, polymorphism, X-ray diffraction.
Detailed scientific research interests: Acentric and polar crystals, Crystal structures driven by the formation of H bonds, Liquid-crystals, Metallorganic complexes with new sulphur containing ligands, Molecular structure of push-pull conjugated molecules, Molecular structure of tautomeric forms, Molecules and polymers for optoelectronics and photonics, Packing theory, Topotactic transitions.
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Professor Michael G. B. Drew   Michael G. B. Drew (Department of Chemistry, The University, United Kingdom)
Detailed scientific research interests: computer modelling, crystal packing, host-guest complexes, molecular mechanics, quantum mechanics.
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Mr Analio Dugarte   Analio Dugarte (Department of Chemistry, Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela)
General scientific interests: diffuse scattering, disorder, materials science, Rietveld method, X-ray diffraction.
Detailed scientific research interests: ab-initio calculations, ab-initio structure, amorphous solids, application software, biochemical crystallography, biocrystallography, bioinorganic chemistry, biologically active compounds, biomacromolecule crystallography biomaterials, Cambridge structural database, chemical physical properties, coordination complexes, crystal growth, crystal growth from solution, crystal structure databases crystallization, crystal structure determination, crystal structure prediction, crystallographic software, determination amorphous phases, drug computer-assisted design differential thermal analysis, drug design, electronic structure calculations, FTIR spectroscopy, molecular crystals, NMR in solids, NMR spectroscopy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical organic molecules pharmaceuticals solid-state chemistry, polymorphism, powder structure determination.
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Dr Juergen Eckert   Juergen Eckert (Chemistry, University of South Florida, USA)
General scientific interests: hydrogen bonding, inorganic compounds, materials science, molecular modelling, neutron scattering, organometallic compounds, structural chemistry, zeolites.
Detailed scientific research interests: catalysts, metal complexes, molecular crystals, molecular vibrations, small molecule activation, spectroscopy, zeolites.
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Professor Dr Rudiger Ettrich   Rudiger Ettrich (Department of Structure and Function of Proteins, Institute of Nanobiology and Structural Biology of GCRC, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic)
General scientific interests: biological crystallography, molecular modelling, proteins, structural biology.
Detailed scientific research interests: Influence of organic solvents on enzyme functions, Membrane-protein interactions, Molecular dynamics analysis of the bacterial regulon E. coli arginine repressor, Oxygen-evolving complex of higher plants, Substrate prediction for hexosaminidases and galactosaminidases, Translocation model for recA-like translocases, Type I restriction-modification complexes, WrbA, bridging flavodoxins and NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductases..
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