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The title compound, potassium strontium trialuminium tetra­arsenate, was prepared by solid-state reaction. The structure consists of AlO6 octa­hedra (site symmetries 2.. and 2/m) and two AsO4 tetra­hedra (.2. and m..) sharing corners and edges to form a two-dimensional structure parallel to (010). The cations are occupationally disordered and are located in the interlayer space. For both types of cations, distorted coordination polyhedra are observed.

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The title compound, sodium calcium trimagnesium tris­(arsenate), an alluaudite-like arsenate, was prepared by solid-state reaction at high temperature. The structure is built up from edge-sharing MgO6 octa­hedra in chains associated with the AsO4 arsenate groups. The three-dimensional network leads to two different tunnels occupied statistically by Na+ and Ca2+. One As and one Mg atom lie on twofold rotation axes; one Na and one Ca are disordered over two sites with occupancies of 0.7 and 0.3 and these sites lie on a twofold rotation axis and an inversion centre, respectively.

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