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The crystals of dichlorobis(thiourea-S)cadmium, [CdCl2{SC(NH2)2}2] (I), and dibromobis(thiourea-S)cadmium, [CdBr2{SC(NH2)2}2], (II), are orthorhombic (Pmn21 and Pnam, respectively), while those of diiodobis(thiourea-S)cadmium, [CdI2{SC(NH2)2}2], (III), are monoclinic (P21/c). In all these compounds, two S atoms from two thiourea molecules and two X (X = halogen) atoms coordinate to Cd in tetrahedral arrangements. Crystal packing is mainly determined by N-H...X hydrogen bonds, but is different in the three cases. The average Cd-X distances increase from 2.541 (1) in (I) to 2.655 (3) in (II) and 2.782 (1) Å in (III), whereas the Cd-S distances in the three compounds are quite similar, their values being 2.517 (1), 2.522 (2) and 2.526 (2) Å (average) for (I), (II) and (III), respectively.

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A single-crystal X-ray study was carried out on two villamaninite samples from Villamanín (León, Spain). The systematic structural refinement over subgroups of the pyrite Pa-3 space group leads to a monoclinic model, space group P1211, for this mineral.

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