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Dr Feras Afaneh  
  Afaneh (originally R. A.), Dr Feras (1969)  (Jordan)  (IUCr ID: IUCr10959)
Biographical information
Current position:   University Professor
Highest degree:   PhD awarded by Johann Wolfgang Goethe University (2001) in Atomic and Molecular Physics
Address:   Physics, The Hashemite University, 330039, Zarqa, Amman, 13133, Jordan (map)
Telephone number(s)
Telephone number:   +962-795576035
Fax number:   +962 (5) 3826613
IUCr and other role(s)
Scientific interests
Scientific research interests:   clusters, electron diffraction, imaging, instrumentation, materials science, small molecules, structure determination, surfaces, synchrotron radiation, time-resolved studies, X-ray topography.
Detailed scientific research interests:   Imaging of Electon-Atom collisions, Imaging of Electron-Molecule collisions, Imaging of Light-Clusters Interactions, Imaging of Light-Matter interactions.
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