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ScienceAAAS…SESAME represents the power of science in bringing together countries…for the benefit of all…

Read the Editorial "SESAME and beyond" on Science magazine by Sekazi K. Mtingwa (member of the LAAMP EC) and Herman Winick.

Science, 26 May 2017: Vol. 356, Issue 6340, pp. 785. DOI: 10.1126/science.aan6880

  Posted 29 May 2017


OPEN SESAME training fellowships

SESAME has launched a call for 9 Fellowships reserved to nationals of SESAME Members to spend a period of 4 to 12 weeks at OPEN SESAME European Facilities.
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  Posted 26 May 2017


Call for applications

A CALL for APPLICATIONS for Faculty-Student Teams to Spend Two (2) Months during June - December 2017 at participating Advanced Light Sources is now open. DEADLINE: 21 April 2017.

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  Posted 31 Mar 2017


LAAMP Committees nominated

The first meeting of the main proposers and coordinators of the IUPAP-IUCr project was held on 14 February 2017 via teleconference. The acronym LAAMP (Lightsources for Africa, the Americas and the Middle East Project) was chosen to refer to the whole initiative. The LAAMP Executive Committee has been nominated and is formed by: Sandro Scandolo (Chair), Michele Zema and Sekazi Mtingwa. 
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  Posted 30 Mar 2017


ICSU announces the awardees of ICSU Grants Programme 2016-2019

We are delighted to report that the IUPAP-IUCr project “Utilisation of Light Source and Crystallographic Sciences to Facilitate the Enhancement of Knowledge and Improve the Economic and Social Conditions in Targeted Regions of the World” has been approved and funded under the 2016-2019 ICSU Grants Programme.

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  Posted 30 Mar 2017


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