IUCr Associates

Pre-launch offer

20% discount on IUCr Associates Programme

The Associates Programme will be launched in August 2017 at the IUCr Congress in Hyderabad.

By joining the Associates Programme you can be a part of the IUCr. The IUCr is involved in many charitable activities including supporting students to attend meetings internationally, a Visiting Professor scheme and building crystallography capacity around the world.

The programme offers a series of benefits and tools to help you network, share ideas and discover new knowledge. For further information about the Associates Programme, please visit www.iucr.org/people/associates.

Discounted fees:

USD 160 3-year standard rate
USD 48 3-year reduced rate for students, retired scientists, scientists from developing countries

If you would like to take advantage of this pre-launch offer please enter your name and email address in the box below. We will send you further details once we are ready to accept payments.